Sep 23, 2008

Life in the Hospital...

Isn't all that bad! Justin and I have been blessed this past week in so many ways! We are first of all thankful to God for his provision, protection and peace that has covered us this entire time. He has been so faithful to us and given us much to be thankful for. Here's a peek into our last week in the hospital.
Enjoying some yummy hospital food. I have actually been very pleasantly surprised by how good it is. I think I could get used to someone bringing me food every meal, especially the cooking and cleaning up part! Justin's also been an incredible support in spite of going a little stir crazy from being cooped up here with me so much.
My brother and his wife came up here to be with us right away last Tuesday when all this started. Kim bought me this incredible body pillow that has become my new best friend. And these beautiful flowers are from our lifegroup friends.
My mom and dad were also up here in no time on Tuesday. My mom has been such a blessing to us in so many ways. From sleeping up here with me several nights, to cleaning my house and getting me whatever I wanted, she truly came with her servant's heart to help us out. I cherish the sweet time we got to spend together through all of this.And my school has also been so supportive. This pretty ivy came from my Chandler family. I'm so thankful to work with so many amazing women! Listening to our sweet baby's heartbeat. We monitored him continually for the first 24 hours and now I get to hear him every morning for about 30 minutes. I never get tired of hearing his sweet, strong heartbeat!
And it's been so fun having visits from so many friends! I've not had time to get bored with all these amazing people making sure I know we're loved. You guys are wonderful and we're so thankful God has placed you in our lives!
My sweet friend Lindsay has come to see me several times and has been such a help to me in so many ways. Calling people, taking care of lifegroup stuff, shower stuff, I don't know what I'd do without this girl.
A special visit from Vanessa, my teaching partner at school and Terry, another AIM teacher who has been such an encouragement. They came last week with a yummy sonic drink, goodie basket for me and huge trunk full of baby stuff for Tristan!
Brittney and Quinn also came and brought me some smiles and silly striped socks which have given many laughs to the nurses around here!
For sure my cutest visitor yet...Jessica and Emmy came to brighten my day. Isn't Emmy just adorable? She was so sweet and cuddly which made me so happy. They brought me some super cute and comfy pj's to wear up here...I love them!And talk about good friendship. My friend Laura came to hang out last Saturday and actually painted my toenails!!! Now that's love. Thank you Laura for making me feel pretty! She also helped me blog when I was overwhelmed with updating. What a complete blessing she is to me! I love you girl.And many other lifegroup friends have stopped by to visit. Here Rachel and baby Brayden, who's only weeks old himself, came by to hang out for a while. Justin and I are so grateful for our lifegroup friends who have been our little family here in Allen.And today my friends Alli, Jenn and baby Chapman came by to visit and bring me some fun treats and gifts for Tristan. Thanks girls for the yummy smoothie and thoughtful things for baby boy. I can't wait for him to meet little Chapman!

So as you can see life here in the hospital is actually pretty fun! With so many good friends to keep us company it's definitely made our stay here much more enjoyable! Thank you to everyone again for your visits, phone calls, emails, texts, cards and most of all your prayers!


The Rowe Crew said...

I love that second pic of you and Em...she SO loves you! I'm not even kidding that she isn't even that lovey with me!!! Praying for you right now :o)

Shelby said...

You look so good! Little Miss Emerson Rowe is just about the cutest kid I've EVER seen.....ADORABLE! Wish I could be there, but so thankful for all of the incredible people there who take such good care of you!

Love you!

Lauren Ralston said...

You guys are in our prayers!!

Diana said...

you are wonderful- wish I could come and see you too. JOhn and I are praying for you and Family!

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad to hear everything is working out the way it should. You are still in my prayers!

Jessica & Matt said...

Wow! What a blessing! You are so special to so many people, I'm not at all surprised. I'm glad you're well-taken care of. And girl--that huge slice of chocolate cake is making me a little jealous!!!

Poefam said...

This makes being in the hospital not look all that bad! :) Can't wait to visit again very soon! Love you

Life with the Faucetts said...

Hey Sharee,
I got the link to your blog from Lindsay. You are definatly in my prayers. I would love to come and see you. Is there a time tomorrow that would be ok?

Alicen Faucett

Anonymous said...

We are missing you at school. I'm so glad your spirits are high (not that I'm surprised) and that you are well taken care of. We are all praying for you and thinking of you lots!!
Melissa H.