Sep 22, 2008

Happy First Day of Fall!

So today in my planner/calendar I noticed it said "fall begins." Of course in Texas that doesn't really mean we'll be feeling cooler weather soon, but just the idea that we're in the autumn season makes me happy. It's definitely my favorite time of the year. I think I blog about it every year around this time. Fall brings so many good memories and just happy games, beautiful days that aren't so blazing hot, falling leaves, pumpkins, fall decorations (which I love because at my house it consists of setting out two or three new festive items and lighting some pumpkin spice candles...much less work than Christmas), going jogging outside (not this year of course but typically it's my favorite time to do it since the sky is usually clear and cool), season premier's of all our favorite shows (The Office and Gray's Anatomy this Thursday...wahoo) and of course my favorite part of fall...Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte!! Mmmmm. It just says fall.

And now God is giving me another reason to love fall...we get to meet our precious baby boy sometime over the next few weeks. Now I I get to add a whole new list of memories and things I will love about this season. Like cherishing these tiny little kicks and movements inside me, imaging what Tristan will look like, blond hair like his dad or dark like his mom, or none at all, oohing and ahhing over baby clothes that are so tiny, and imagining sweet time this Thanksgiving and Christmas sharing him with our families. I can't help but feel blessed and happy this fall for God's goodness and faithfulness to us and excited that it's starting! So here's to the start of my favorite season...
Happy Fall Everyone!!

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Mandi said...

Sweet Shareena! I loved your blog on Fall.. it's my favorite season too... gotta love those pumpkin spice lattes! I'm praying for you and for Baby Tristan... I can't wait to meet him in the coming weeks! Wish I still lived in Dallas - I'd be visiting you in the hospital for sure! Lots of love to you, Justin, and baby!