May 1, 2008

Our Little Washing Machine!

Justin and I got to hear one of the sweetest sounds in the world today!! Our little baby's heart just beating away. :) We say it sounded more like a washing machine than a heartbeat. It brought tears to my eyes because just hearing it makes the fact that I have a baby inside me so very real!! It's so exciting. It's made it easier to connect with the little peanut I think, and we've been talking to it ever since. Just the way that God makes babies out of almost nothing and forms them to perfection amazes and astounds me. How can you not believe in God having experienced it I don't know. He is amazing, and I praise Him for knitting together our little child! What a miracle!

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Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

THE SWEETEST SOUND!! (Well, until you hear your baby's laugh!) And I thought the same thing my entire pregnancy ... how could anyone who experiences pregnancy/childbirth NOT believe in an awesome God?! Pat your belly for me! :)