May 4, 2008

Birthday Weekend - Building a Treehouse

A couple of weekends ago J and I drove to Abilene for a fun birthday weekend. The boys (Justin, my dad and brother) worked hard all weekend on a cool tree-fort for the "grandkids." For Christmas Shayne and I gave my parents a weekend of labor to help build this, and I can't believe they actually got it done in two days!! I feel a little bad, as it was partly my gift and I didn't lift a finger or hammer even one nail. I stayed inside most of the weekend feeling sick and tired, but Justin was a trooper after lots of hard hours, nails hammered and only one injury, they finished the Whitehead tree-house. It seems so far away but I know one day our little peanut is going to love it!

The finished Tree-House
The builders
The thankful grandkids

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