Apr 23, 2008

Happy Again!!!

I am very, very, very, very happy to be posting a fun post again! Apart from this nasty cold I can't seem to get rid of, I've been feeling much better lately. Hopefully this will last! And, today, to top it off, my best friend Shelby sent me this fun fun package for me and baby!! It made my whole day and it was so cute that I just had to blog about it! Shelby, THANK YOU so much for my sweet, fun, incredible package of pregnancy goodies! It's made me so happy and a fun way to turn this pregnancy around from yucky sickness to excitement! The package was full of: pregnancy magazines, a sweet little Dr. Suess book you're supposed to read to baby while he/she's still in your tummy, a pregnancy journal, a belly-band thing which I have just recently realized I need, and some sweet sweet cards. I love you Shelbs, thank you for this big ray of sunshine you added to my week!

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