Nov 17, 2007

Many Talented Friends

Some of you may have noticed the new section I added to my blogroll, over there on the right, a couple of weeks ago listing some sites you need to check out. All of these are websites from some of my talented friends and their new business endeavors. I had to officially let you all know about them!
Baby Sew Trendy is a cuter than cute website that my good friend Jessica started. She is incredibly creative and makes all kinds of goodies for babies. Everything from personalized burp cloth sets to onsies and lovie blankets. These are hand-made and customizable if you know the baby name and/or room colors and theme. They make GREAT shower gifts and I've given them to at least 4 different friends already. So go check out these trendy baby gifts at

My friend Alli from college and her husband David have recently started a business designing logos and blog headers. They made my cute new header at the top of this page!! They have tons of super cute designs to pick from and will add your own photo to personalize it specifically for you. The great thing is, they only cost $10!! Whether you need a logo for a t-shirt, your business, or just your family blog they can create it for you. Go see what they can design for you at:

My friend Elizabeth from church has had her own business for a couple of years now. She makes custom scrapbooks for any occasion. She will take your pictures, ideas and vision for what you want and create something special just for you. She's also made individualized baby books, holiday books, and cute decorative things for your house. You can check out her scrapbooking site at:

She also has a blog called "To Work with your Hands" all about her own ideas, crafts and creations she makes on a daily basis. You've got to go see what she's come up with. She's always posting new ideas, things to make for the holidays, crafts she's done with her child, etc. You can really get a feel for her creativity on her blog:


andydawn said...

Very Very creative friends!! Love all the different talents they have! said...

Thanks for the shoutout Sharee!! Our community group was at a lakehouse in those was so fun! Yes, let's please get together soon!!

The Rowe Crew said...


You are TOO sweet! I really appreciate your kind words and I already owe you for stirring up some business :o) I think we should go for mani/pedis soon - my treat!

Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy that cold weather :o)


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for being such a "fan" for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Love ya' girl!