Sep 27, 2007

Wanna Go Greek?!?

I love my job!! I can't say it enough because I think it all the time. I work with amazing kids (small groups of them), teach and learn about really interesting things, and just plain have time to do things I didn't have time for in a regular class. I tell people I feel like I'm finally doing what I thought teaching was going to be before I got into the field...and I'm thankful!!

So Greek...yes, my 3rd grade AIM students are studying ancient Greece all year. So fun! Think togas, Olympics,! Sooo, tomorrow I get to take these 8 students on a field trip to the Greek Food Festival in Dallas. I can't wait! First of all, did you catch the part where I'm only taking 8 kids? :) Less management...more fun! And I think the festival itself will be really cool. We'll get to see and participate in Greek dancing, enjoy an authentic Greek lunch, and learn about Greek history and culture up close and personal.I'll have to add pics to this post later after we get back. I knew I wouldn't be able to blog about it tomorrow, because Justin and I are heading to College Station with some friends from life group to see the Baylor/A&M game on Saturday. But, I wanted to write about this field trip because I'm just really excited about it. First time in my 6 years teaching I've ever been so excited about a field trip. So, if I sparked some kind of curiosity in you, the Greek Food Festival will be going on all weekend...check out and learn about some more Greek fun!!

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Poefam said...

I am so glad that you're loving your new job so much! I bet it's a refreshing change!!! And, the kids love you, I'm sure! :) Let's hang out soon...I miss you!