Sep 22, 2007


Wow, what a weekend we have had. I sit here now on Saturday night wiped out exhausted, but so thankful and excited about the great weekend we had at Fusion. As some of you know, my husband's company puts on events specifically geared for the 20-30 something age person. These events are designed to help you think about and engage in mixing your faith with your life. Getting off the pew, off the couch, and making an impact somewhere for God's Kingdom. I love FUSION. Tiring as it may be to help run, I love seeing so many (2,400 people this year) come to worship, talk, interact and learn about how to better live out their faith for Christ. It's hard to believe that we have now finished 7 Fusion events altogether. It's amazing to see how God has changed it over the years into the fun, dynamic conference it is today. I'm proud of my husband, and all the folks he works with that create and put together this conference 2-3 times a year. I'm thankful to get to share in it too. This year was especially fun because our life-group from Allen Bible came to volunteer and experience this conference with us.This year they tried something called the Trade Store, and had shirts that say "I'm a trader." Here's the clip from the website that better explains it than I could, "We are trading in our pursuit of the American Dream for the reality of a world that needs Christ! We have much, while the majority of the world lives in void. We can help. Together we can make a difference. Become a Trader." Fusion attendees were encouraged do one of three things: (1) bring juice boxes for Bible Clubs in Dallas, (2) bring blankets for the people of Sudan or (3) bring a toothbrush for people in Africa. I'm excited to see how much of each we had donated as a result of this charge.

So there ya go, if this sounds fun or intriguing...the next Fusion Conference in Dallas will be held next year at Irving Bible Church; November 13-15th. Check out for more information. Now I'm off to relax with a movie in bed!!

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The Rowe Crew said...

Awesome! God is doing SO mcuh through y'alls willingness to serve! I love that your group helped this guys are so blessed with such neat friendships!