Sep 16, 2007

Baby Showers, Curry and a Pulled Hami

What in the world?!? Yes, this weekend was full of crazy randomness. The best part of my weekend was helping host a baby shower for my sweet friend Laura. Laura and I have known each other since our Freshman year at Baylor in good ole' Collins Hall. She is due to have her first baby this November...sweet baby Trenton! It was so fun seeing her so happy and getting a chance to sit down and hang out afterwards. I'm so excited for her and this new time of life for her and Phillip!

Saturday night Justin and I ventured close to downtown Dallas to eat at this amazing Lebanese resteraunt with some friends. I had never had Lebanese food, but it was amaha-zing!!! Sevans was the name of it...of off Greenville almost to Ross Ave. You have got to's this cute little place and so authentic! I even tried Curry for my first time, which I was skeptical of at first but it was wonderful. It's so fun to get out of our little bubble in Allen and enjoy some culture and good conversation with friends!

And the stinky part of our weekend, really it happened last week, is I think I pulled my hamstring. You know I'm training for this mock-triathlon which was going GREAT!! But I signed up for an aerobics class at school two days a week and last Tuesday I must have done something bad on "hamstring day" because it hurts so bad!! I had to take Friday and Saturday off of my training schedule which kills me because I've been working at it what seems like so long. Hopefully I'll be able to run and get back into again soon! yikes.

All in all, we had a good, busy weekend. We're looking forward to another busy week as Justin and I will be involved with Fusion (a conference for 20 and 30 somethings at Irving Bible) later this week.

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