Jul 30, 2007

We saw TIM & FAITH!!!

That's right folks....last night Justin and I got to go see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in concert!!! Oh my goodness, it was SO GOOD!!! Definitely the best country concert! You combine Faith who has the absolute best singing voice with Tim who is an amazing entertainer and WOW, you have an incredible show!! And of course they are the cutest couple ever...you should have heard the crowd go nutso when they kissed! Here are a few pics from the night...Ahhhhh. I just love them!


Poefam said...

How fun! Did you hear about what happend at one of their recent concerts!? Faith was NOT happy! I felt sorry for them!

Nicki W. said...

hey sharee!
this is nicki (fretty) wilson! i was so delighted to see your blog thru amy's blog! how exciting! i am going to keep checking it out! you look so great!! :)