Aug 12, 2007

Blogging Burnout

So I didn't think this would ever happen, but I'm kind of experiencing a little blogger burn-out. I love to blog...I love to read other people's blogs, probably a little too much, but recently for some unknown reason I've found myself not wanting to. Maybe it's an answered prayer so I'll spend time on other things. All that to say, I've been bad about updating what J and I've been up to lately. Here's what we've been doing the last few weeks. Last weekend Justin flew up to Chicago with a buddy from our lifegroup to go see a Cubs game. They had a blast at the game of course and had good times talking and catching up with another friend from college. While J was in the windy city, I went down to Lake Travis with some of our friends from college. Jessica and Scott Rowe invited us to join them at his parents' houseboat for the weekend. Having grown up going to the lake, and having not been in years, I was more than excited about the chance to go there. We had a blast! Skiing, knee-boarding, cruising, playing games and hanging was so fun!! Thank you Scott & Jess for such a great weekend! And my newest and latest excitement is pictured below. Shoes you ask? No, not just shoes....these are my secret training weapon. Justin let me go to Run On and get fitted for shoes that will hopefully allow me to run more than the one mile (if that) I'm used to. You see Jessica and I decided to train for a sprint-triathlon! Are we crazy? Probably. But it's been really fun. Just working out for me usually lasts about 2 weeks before I decide it's not worth it anymore. But with this triathlon training, it gives me something to work for...a reason to keep going. We start our "official" 12 week training tomorrow morning bright and early. Oh, and what triathlon you ask? Don't you worry that we're training for a MOCK triathlon scheduled for November 3rd. This way we can see if we can actually do it without embarrassing ourselves in front of hundreds of other people. If we make it, we'll think about doing a real one next spring. If any of you reading this would like to join our mock-triathlon, just let me know, I can sign you up for a minimal registration fee of course. :)


The Rowe Crew said...

Hee Hee!!! I definitely need to work off some of the food we ate this weekend. Anniversary-good. Food-good. Scale-bad!

See in you the a.m.!

Oh, and yes...we are TOTALLY crazy!!!

amy said...

A triathlon?!!? I'm totally impressed. I'd love to join you but my husband says I'm not allowed to participate in triathlons since I don't know how to swim. HA! I'll be cheering y'all on in spirit though.
Have fun!!

andydawn said...

That is awesome!! You can do it ;) I have thought about training for a marathon....I need the discipline to keep up the training necessary to run in one. Good luck.