Jul 22, 2007

Birthday Pics

Okay, so I can't take pics and not post them, I tried. Here are a few pics from Justin's bday celebration. We celebrated on his birthday with presents then out to dinner with our good friends Kurt and Lindsay to Pappasitos. Justin made me swear not to tell them it was his birthday. Unlike me, he hates silly attention like Happy Birthday wearing a sombrero. Reluctantly, I agreed and he was happy.Then this weekend we had a couple of friends from our Lifegroup at church come over for cake and Settlers. We missed you Jeff and Jenny!


Jonna said...

What? NO SOMBRERO? What fun is that? Men are silly that way! Cute pictures by the way. Oh-I responded to your last comment on my page...

The Rowe Crew said...

SO sweet!!! Now, is that one of the cards you made??? It's way adorable.

And...I'm SOOOOOOO sorry about this morning!!! Seriously, I will just have to show up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to get in some extra time before you get there :o)
Bad Jessica!