Jul 18, 2007

27 Things...

Today is Justin's Birthday....27 years old! And I've been thinking how I want to blog about this special day. Sure I could post pictures of us at dinner, or of Justin opening gifts, but who really wants to read that anyway? A friend of mine had posted 102 things about herself on her own blog, and as I was reading that today, I thought...27 things about my husband...my heart got excited!! So here we go...27 random things you may or may not know about my husband (Happy Birthday Babe)

1. Today Justin turns 27 years old, making him 3 months younger than me.

2. Justin grew up with a black lab named Zeke.

3. He loves the computer, I call it his third love (after Jesus and me).

4. The only green thing he'll ever eat is salad.

5. The first gift he wants to give our child is a soccer ball.

6. Over 4,000 people read his blog each month -

7. I call him Blueyes. (see picture)

8. He's never been to Africa (I put where he's never been because it's much easier than listing all the places he HAS been...almost everywhere!)

9. He graduated from Arkansas Baptist High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.

10. If he weren't married, he'd make a great Jack Bauer!

11. He hates to have dry hands and feet. He can't hold my hand if it's too dry. Curel lotion bottles can be found in his home office, bathroom and nightstand.

12. He tans very easily.

13. He'd make a great travel agent and or trip planner.

14. He can negotiate his way in or out of anything! Thanks to his Conflict Resolution and Negotiation class in college.

15. Right now Justin's got over 100 packages of fruity Mentos in his car.

16. He owns a handgun (I wish I were cool enough to know what kind...it's big and silver/black).

17. His family celebrates Christmas at Thanksgiving.

18. He can take really great pictures, much better than I can.

19. He's smart.

20. He knows any and every sports stat, no matter the team. He could beat anyone playing ESPN Scene It...His grandpa and he compete with this knowledge.

21. Speaking of Grandpa...Justin's so much like his Grandpa Seibold.

22. He has an eye for decorating our house better than I do. (Don't tell, he'll have to give his mancard away if he knows I told everyone that).

23. Even though he went to Baylor, He bleeds green and white for Michigan State.

24. Justin caught and brought home 50 pounds of salmon and halibut from Alaska. (Now he can have his mancard back).

25. He wins boardgames like crazy..monopoly, Risk, Settlers, I have only beaten him a handful at times at any of those put together.

26. He was baptized when he was 22 years old at FBC Woodway in Waco, TX.

27. Wow, #27 came around fast. I do have to say something about him loving history. He could spent hours upon hours visiting museums and never get bored.

And #28 just for fun is that he's the best friend and husband I could ever imagine or ask for! I am so thankful for the amazing man God has blessed me with.

That was so fun! A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband...and maybe you should try your own list of's on someone you love!


The Rowe Crew said...

Awww...I love hearing all the fun things about him! Some I knew (mentos, hahaha) and some I didn't (your sweet nickname for him). I hope he has a very special birthday!

Jonna said...

Okay...a few things...GREAT list! Since I've never really said much more than hi to Justin this was fun to read. Very cool that he had a black lab named Zeke seeing that our black cat is named Zeke. And as far as you're concerned missy...I have NEVER seen less than a completely flattering picture of you! In fact, after looking at your blog yesterday I kept thinking, "How does this girl look so darn cute in every stinkin' picture?" So, that's the truth and you may humbly nod your head in agreement now. Also-thank you for your kind words! I have always LOVED writing and now that I have time to do it I'm quite the happy little camper. I didn't know you taught GT...do they still call it that? I loved GT...some of my favorite memories of elementary come from it...so know your kids will remember and cherish you forever! Talk to you soon! (Sorry this is as long as a short novel...that tends to happen when I write...okay, AND talk...) Oh...and one more thing...I will tell you my story so be there or be [].

Michigan Mom said...

Leave it up to our creative Sharee to do something so special for Justin's 27th birthday! You are great. Justin,look for a UPS package at your doorstep and I am sure you will be able to tell which gift is from Abbie! I was so pleased to at least be familiar with most of the 27 things you listed about Justin. I don't feel too far out of the loop of your lives. We miss you both and can't wait to get together once again. It is so amazing to see all the wonderful places you have had the opportunity to visit. What a blessing! We love you and miss you Mucho!, Love your Michigan Family.

Greg said...

We moved from Michigan to Arkansas so Justin could meet his bride from Midland. How crazy is that? But what an answer to prayer! Love you guys. Happy Birthday Justin...you're blessed. Keep serving Him.

Hillary Kouba said...

Very Sweet! Happy Belated Birthday Justin!

campers said...

That is so sweet! Sounds like you have a great hubby! I got to visit with your sweet mom and Quinn's little get together! I enjoyed seeing her!

Anonymous said...

Thats cute Sharee... I knew most of them:) Love you guys and miss you!

Jessica & Matt said...

I love this post. :) It's so sweet, and so thoughtful of you!