Jul 15, 2007

Fun with Old Friends

This past weekend Justin and I packed the car and headed up to Little Rock, Arkansas for the sole purpose of visiting our friends Matt and Jenn. Justin and Matt have been buds since high school and are the type of friends you'd love to just hang out with for the weekend. Justin and Matt spent their guy time watching Transformers on the big screen while Jenn and I had the best girly day shopping. An extra bonus was getting to spend time with their precious baby girl Mattie...she definitely stole our hearts. We're thankful for old friends and for time to be able to go just to visit. Who needs an excuse to hang out...other than it's been too long. If you're reading this and "it's been too long" call me!! I'd love to make time to come hang out, it's so worth it!
It doesn't get much sweeter than this...

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The Rowe Crew said...

What a precious little girl! I'm so glad you guys could catch up with old friends - it's such a nice thing to do! I know they loved having you there.