Mar 9, 2007

Day 3 - Cozumel & Playa del Carmen

Our first "port of call" was in Cozumel, Mexico. Unfortunately the island of Cozumel over to Playa del Carmen. This seemed like no big deal, but as we began our trip on the ferry with waves and swells up to 9 feet high, we were very glad to have made it safely to the other side. We then took a taxi about 45 minutes to a town called Tulum.a big storm had come in that day so it was a bit cold and cloudy. The McDonnell's and us decided to take a ferry from We got to explore and see some ancient Mayan ruins. They were beautiful. This ancient city was resting upon the most beautiful beach. Justin and Jeff took a quick swim in the ocean near these ruins while Jenny and I watched from the beach. Justin took some great National Geographic type photos of all the ruins. There were also tons of iguanas. Big ones, small ones, they were everywhere!

As I mentioned it was very windy this day which made for some frustrating picture taking. With hair blowing everywhere it was so hard to get a good pic. Here is my "I'm so mad at my hair" pic and then the "good" one to follow. Jenny and I laughed at each other as we tried to tame the muffasah hair to get a good pic. I vowed then and there to buy a hat to throw on during these picture emergencies!Right before we left, we saw these creepy crazy looking Mayan guys. We don't really know what they are but they looked cool enough to want to have our picture taken with them!Our amazing taxi cab driver then took us to a private, secluded beach down the road. We ate an authentic Mexican lunch on the beach, and spent a few hours relaxing in the beach hammocks and hanging out.

Although it was a little windy and chilly, it was wonderful to be somewhere so secluded with absolutely nothing to do! The last part of the day we went back to Playa del Carmen where we walked the streets and markets of the city as well as along the beach. We got back to the ship late that evening and ended the day watching a dance show and of course a yummy dinner. We were supposed to go to the "dancing under the stars" tropical dance later that evening, but Justin and I crashed early exhausted from the full day of fun!

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