Mar 9, 2007

Day 4 - Costa Maya

The six of us got to spend this day together relaxing on the beach. Costa Maya is a small town with lots of market shopping, bartering and of course relaxing! My goal was to purchase a fun little hat and I was very proud of my negotiating from $45 down to $15. Most of the day we just layed out suntanning. We were so thankful that we finally got some sun! Justin, Tonya, Jeff and I also took a snorkling trip for about an hour. It was fun but so wavy that we got quite a workout. There was also this guy who had his giant pet iguana with him on the beach. I got up the nerve to hold this giant beast. I can't say I was totally brave, screaming whenever he moved. But it was my little way to be adventurous. Heading back to the ship, Justin found an internet cafe and slipped in to check on flights for our next summer trip! I laugh at him in all his travel/trip planning but of course am loving all the places we get to go, so I won't complain a bit. We spent a little too long at the cafe so we were running back to the ship. People on the ship were all cheering us on as we were one of the last people back on board!

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