Jan 22, 2007

Kristi and Adam's Wedding

On January13th, my sister-in-law's sister Kristi Boyd got married! Unfortunately these are the only pictures I have from the whole wedding! My "job" during the wedding was to take my sweet 1 year old niece Wylie-Kate out after she made her debut down the aisle as the flower girl. Well, let's just say Wylie-Kate didn't exactly make it down the aisle. Maybe a little scared, or the fact that a hundred people all had their eyes on her, she decided that was not what she wanted to do. So, I went and watched her while Kristi and Adam got married. My camera was locked in the bride's room the whole time. But, the wedding was absolutely beautiful and Kristi was such a glowing bride. Here are a couple of pics of Justin and I, and my other sweet niece Wesleigh as a Junior Bridesmaid! Weird that she is old enough to do that!

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