Jan 5, 2007

"I Want to Get Away"

"I want to get away, I want to fly away-ay." (you have to sing it to truly get in the spirit). The words of that song pretty much sum up our wonderful Christmas getaway to Florida. What could be better than Christmas, palm trees, and a good book by the pool. Just thinking about it makes me want to get out of this cold and go back tomorrow. Every other year Justin and I get to spend Christmas with his family down in Sunny Florida! This year was wonderful with 70-80 degree weather pretty much every day!

Laying out by the pool all day every day is pretty much a way of life for the Forman family. You'll notice later all of their dark tans, with the one white girl who sticks out!

The pool was about 20 steps away from the beach. The ocean was freezing, but we'd come and walk the beach collecting shells, which there were tons of. Justin's sisters helped me collect enough to give each of my 2nd graders a seashell too.

Forman Family Picture

Justin had a great time hanging out with his grandpa.

I had fun laying out with and playing tennis and Settlers with Justin's sisters Abbie and Courtney.

We brought in 2007 with Justin's grandparents, a game of Settlers, and some sparkling apple cider.

We are so thankful for the relaxing week we got to spend with Justin's family.


Poefam said...

so fun! Such a different Christmas from mine!!!.... Did you dad tell you I saw him at Target in Abilene? It was so funny running into him! He was so sweet about Baby Quinn!... Anyway, I miss you! Want to get coffee sometime soon!?

The Rowe Crew said...

Ok - we LOVED the halibut! I'm so excited that you taught me how to cook fish. Tell Justin he is a fine fisherman! :o) Thanks so much for sharing with us - we owe you one now. Maybe if Scott gets that shotgun he can shoot something for us to eat. Ha!