Feb 17, 2010

Happy Heart Day Shared with Friends!

So last week we were supposed to have our big Valentine's Day blow-out with our playgroup buddies.  But, since so many of us were SICK we had to wait a week to celebrate.  I had planned and made this HUGE heart day breakfast last Wednesday for Tristan and Daddy as an early Valentine's gift.  Pink heart shaped pancakes, strawberry milk, strawberries, whipped cream...the works.


Only to go in Tristan's room to wake him up and find he had thrown up all over his crib! Poor baby!  Needless to say, he was NOT up for all my crazy heart day antics so we decided to scratch that and postpone our celebration a week.
So today was our makeup party and boy was it worth the wait!  The boys had fun, and I know I had more fun just getting ready for it!  Sadly, many of the boys were still out sick or had other things going since it was a rescheduled day, but those of us who were able to come still had a blast playing and eating together.  We even added a couple of cutie-pie girls to the group!  Fun to be able to frill it up a little and throw in some pink too!  I'm so thankful for other momma's to share life with..."You'll never believe what Tristan did yesterday,"  "What do you do about this?"  "Have you ever seen that?"  God definitely put some sweet girls in my life to encourage me as a momma.  And Tristan couldn't be happier for all his little buddies too.  We treasure our fun days together..I wish we could do playgroup every day sometimes!  So here's how the happy heart day went down...

Our group Pic...Note...see happy Caleb (2nd to the left) just sitting and smiling?  Lesson learned, "If you give a kid a cookie.....he'll be happy and still for your photo shoot!"  Cookies will now be a must have during all playgroups from here on out! Just look at these cutie pies!  Six kids looking at the camera, all of them sitting down = SUCCESS!

Cool Kid Tattoos.  I saw this idea online and thought ALL the boys needed their own I heart _____ tattoos.  You just use a large bandaid and permanent markers to draw a design.  The idea is that you put them on their skin and it blends to look like a tattoo.  Only thing is it's winter so none of the boys had short sleeves, and ooouuuch would that hurt to try and take it off when we were done. So we sported these bad boys right on top of our clothes.  You get the idea!  Tristan's says "Momma's Boy" in true Tristan fashion.  Wanted to get a group tough-boy pic with all their tattoos, but that was near impossible.  Here are a few of the cutest I was able to catch with their cool kid tattoos! 

On to the party!  This was so much fun, their first Valentine's Party!  They had decorated plates with their names on them, heart shaped sandwiches, fruit salad with heart shaped apple slices and confetti hearts thrown in, strawberry go-gurt and of course some yummy Valentine Cookies.  Mmmm.  Tristan also gave all his buddies some edible Koolaid Playdough to take home with them too.  Tristan got some fun Valentine treats from his friends too....sweet treats and a new dinner plate! So fun!

And every party has to have a game.  We sent these boys and girls on a HEART HUNT around the house!  Wasn't sure how an "organized" game would go with ONE year olds, but they did GREAT! Walked all over pulling hearts of couches, chairs and walls!  I think they would play this again and again if we let them.  good hunting guys!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day...we had such a blast celebrating with you guys today!  Thankful to God for blessing us with sweet friendships and fun days together!

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Sommer said...

Oh how fun Sharee! You are such a cute little mommy :)