Feb 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Coco!

Tristan, Justin and I had a blast helping Aunt Courtney celebrate her 24th birthday last weekend!  We started the day early with a special breakfast just for her!  Tristan didn't mind having cinnamon rolls for breakfast either! :) 

Then after Coco left for work, we got busy making her favorite cake: Confetti cake with Funfetti icing!  Tristan was such a su-chef and helped whisk and stir.

Then after work, we all went out to dinner at El Norte, my new favorite Mexican food place, and came home for some gifts and birthday cake!  Silly boy wouldn't even try a bite!  Must have been oober tired, beccause the next day he ate it up.

We can't say enough how much we LOVE YOU Aunt Coco.  You are a light in our life and such a blessing to us!  We will always cherish these sweet months we got to have you right here in our family!  XOXOXO and HAPPY BIRTHDAY you young thing! :)

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1 comment:

JILL said...

You out did yourself again! Courtney is so blessed to have such great family around her and make her feel loved. Thanks for making her birthday so special! :)

Love Mom and Grandma