Dec 4, 2009

We’ve created a MONSTER…

A COOKIE MONSTER that is!  This week my friend Rachel invited us over to her house to have a Christmas Cookie making and decorating afternoon!  Oh my goodness, my little man loved this!  He takes after his momma in his love for food, especially sweets.  My nickname at home is Sweets and he’s following right in my footsteps.  Here are tons of pics from our fun fun afternoon (thank you Rachel)… cookiesDidn’t take Tristan long to figure out this dough stuff tastes GOOD!  cookies-1cookies-3 cookies-4cookies-2 cookies-5 cookies-6  cookies-8 cookies-9 

 cookies-11 cookies-12 cookies-13 cookies-14  cookies-16 cookies-17cookies-20 cookies-18 cookies-19  cookies-21 cookies-28cookies-22 cookies-23 cookies-24 cookies-25 

What?!?  Do I have something on my face? cookies-27

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