Nov 9, 2009

Trick or Treat

Although Justin and I aren’t big fans of Halloween, we were excited to get Tristan dressed up in his Michigan State football costume (aka…recycled birthday outfit) and let him have some fun in the front yard handing out candy.

We were bummed when only THREE trick-or-treaters came to our doorstep! I couldn’t believe it! We usually have tons of kids and teenagers stop by….and this year only three?! Which of course means we have a huge bowl full of candy leftover! Scary!

Here are some pics of our cutie playing in the front yard this Halloween night…trick or treat-4trick or treat-2trick or treat-5 trick or treat-6trick or treat-11

Only three trick-or-treaters?

trick or treat-7

Oh well, more candy for ME!!!

trick or treat-8

trick or treat-9

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