Nov 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayden Kate!

DSC_0147 T and I had the best time last week celebrating our sweet friend Hayden’s first birthday!!!  These kiddos, I can’t believe they are already both ONE!!! It is truly amazing how fast a year can go.  Doesn’t seem that long ago that Jess and I were commiserating through the sickness and joy that is pregnancy!  Celebrating this sweet day makes me want to take a trip down memory lane…Tristan and Hayden’s first year-o-dates! :) Playdates that is!!!

First Datehayden2

Second Datecrying tristanbuddies2

Third Date


Fourth Date


Fifth Date


Sixth Date

DSC_1211 DSC_1208   

Seventh Date



Eighth Datec

Ninth Date date with HK

Tenth Date: Tristan’s First Birthday Party

time to eat-3 

Eleventh Date: Hayden’s First Birthday!


Twelfth Date: Hayden’s First Birthday Party!

 DSC_0120 Hk's party  

Sweet Hayden Kate, Happy Happy first birthday!  It’s been so much fun celebrating all you and Tristan’s "firsts” this year, as they’ve gone almost hand in hand.  You are such a dear friend to us, and by far the coolest girl we know! Now would you two stop growing up so fast! hayden5 Hk's party-8

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The Rowe Crew said...

Make me cry, won't you!?!? I don't know how I missed this? I really need to you fix google reader for me!!

That was just the most precious thing I've ever seen ;). I can't believe they are one either!!! Bring on more dates, I say...until the daddies shut us down ;).