Oct 21, 2009

Tristan’s First Birthday Party – pregame…

So I told myself I would never be one of those moms who goes all out of control for her kid’s birthday party.  I told myself I’d keep things under control, you know, keep things simple.  I think it was midnight on the night before T’s party when I realized….I AM one of those moms!  But your first born child only turns ONE once, right?!? 

One of the most fun days I had getting ready for Tristan’s party was the CAKE making day!  My sweet friend Rachel said she’d help me make Tristan’s cake.  I was planning on attempting it on my own, which now knowing what it takes to make a cake, that would have been an absolute disaster! 

So Tristan and I headed over to Rachel and Brayden’s house a couple days before his big “gameday.”  Our friends Emily, Jacob and Ryan also came to play as we talked and baked.  We had the best time, and Rachel did the BEST job making this perfect little football cake for T.  I mean, really impressive!  If you ever need a cake made, these are the girls to call!  Thank you Rachel for helping make the cutest little cake for Tristan, there’s no way I could ever have done that without you!  You’re the best!!!  

And some fun play time for our boys…

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