Oct 23, 2009

The Gameday Party Decor…

So I had SO MUCH FUN decorating for Tristan’s first birthday party! Out of control fun. I got some really great ideas from my friend Jessica , and we were also able to use a lot of really cool vintage Michigan State pictures, banners, and programs from old football games through his Grandpa Seibold who worked at Michigan State for 50 years. Honestly, I think I might like the party planning even better than the actual party! ha. Here are some pics of T’s special day…

decorations1We were able to use Tristan’s special truck he got from Great Grandma and Grandpa Forman last Christmas to welcome everyone to our tailgating party! Tristan says follow him and he’ll show you around inside!

come on in!

The Welcome Table

sign in tabledecorations3

So our friend Kurt gave us the hardest time making fun of us for putting up a sign that said “happiest birthday.” Couldn’t get much cheesier than that right? Just to clarify…the sign does say “Happy 1st Birthday!” I’m cheesy, but not THAT cheesy! And even if I was that cheesy, surely I’d know how to spell happiest right! :)


ESPN’s 12 Month Highlights of Tristan’s first year, one picture for every month. We chose pics that showed something important Tristan did or experienced that month.picture wall decorations2

We had some fun football tattoos and facepaint where the kids could come get some extra spirit!


And my favorite part of the decorations. So Aunt Courtney had her good friend Katy who’s in photography school right now take some pictures of Tristan in his Michigan State Jersey one night while she was babysitting for us. A few days before the party, I wake up to find this huge, beautiful framed picture of my baby in our kitchen!! I cried when I saw it. This was Tristan’s early birthday present from Aunt Co-Co. I told her she knew exactly what I wanted! I just can’t bring myself to take it down yet, it’s still up in our hall. One day it will find it’s home in Tristan’s room.


The Tailgating Food

Justin grilled out some yummy hotdogs and hambugers, and we had all the tailgating sides to go with from bakes beans to homemade mac-n-cheese. My favorite was this veggie tray with football toast!

food tray

food tableDSC_0277

And of course the cake. We saved the football cake for little man to smash, and everyone else got dirt dessert!

cake table

the cakedirt dessert football field

And last but not least, the party favors! I found this cute idea online to make football helmets out of milk jugs. After several not to realistic tries, and a little help from Grandad Forman, we ended up with some pretty authentic little helmets. My goal was to get a group pic of all the boys in their helmets…haha…you’ll see later how that went! Lots of tears and screaming! :) What we do to these boys in the name of a cute picture!

helmet helmet2 helmet-1 helmet-2

Coming up…Gameday pregame, fans and players, and afterparty!


Adams Plus One said...

You did a great job!!! I love the creativity, and I'm sure Tristan had a wonderful first birthday. :) So special.

The Rowe Crew said...

Absolutely amazing!!! I'm with you though, I like the preparing part the most...and just wait until he can help you with stuff ;). Precious party.

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Misty said...

do you have a tutorial for the helmets? or can you give me a run down on the DIY? I just LOVE everything about this party! It's the BEST football party I have seen on the internet! : )