Oct 19, 2009

Trip to see Gigi and Pop!

A few weekends ago, the Forman Fam decided to head out to Abilene for a fun, relaxing weekend with Gigi and Pop.  How, out of three days there we got NO pictures of Gigi and only one of Pop I don’t know, but we DID have  a great time!  Tristan had a blast playing with all of Gigi’s fun grandbaby toys and we all had a great time hanging out, going shopping, going to church and eating some of momma’s home-cooking!  Thanks Gigi and Pop for a great weekend!  Next time we WILL use our camera more! abilene visit-1abilene visit  abilene visit-2 abilene visit-5abilene visit-4abilene visit-3

All dressed up ready for church!

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Sommer said...

Hi friend! That hair gets longer and spiker..love it!! Hope all is well :)