Jul 20, 2009

Nine Months Old!!!

9 months-1

Tristan Dean…
My goodness bug, how in the world are you nine months old?!? What a cutie boo you have grown into! I just love you. I still can’t help but say it all the time…it’s true. You make me and daddy smile ALL the time. You are so much fun these days with your waves, scrunched nose puffs, bear growls, darth vador voice, laughs and squeals. You are certainly your own little person and it’s been so fun to see your sense of humor and personality come out recently. And man, you just make our hearts jump when you get SO EXCITED to see us! What a joy you are!
This has been a FUN and exciting month for us with all the new things you’ve learned. I know it’s only the beginning. We’re SO PROUD of you and the little person you are becoming. Here are a few highlights and celebrations we had with you this past month…
  • You learned to wave hello and bye-bye. We love it when you do this! Every morning when I go in to get you out of your crib, you get so excited and wave hello. You wave hello at yourself in the mirror, and as soon as we walk in mom and dad’s room each morning, you start waving for dad. 9 months-4
  • Dad taught you how to “high-five".” We can’t believe you learned this and can actually do it too! You get kind of shy when we ask you to do it, but usually get the guts up to give us some hand slap…what a cutie!
  • You got two teeth finally! I’ve thought you were teething for months now and finally two little teeth popped up on bottom. It’s been hard for mom to get a picture of this, but you can see those two little teeth in this pic.9 months-3
  • Your hair grew back enough that we got your very first real haircut. You were such a big boy in that barber shop car, and we got some cool boy gel to make your hair spike a little if we want. Soooo handsome!
9 months
  • You learned to crawl just a few days ago! For weeks you have been scooting/bear crawling across the floor to get things you want. But it was so hard for that tummy of yours to get off the floor. I was beginning to think you’d skip right past the crawling stage, until two days ago, you were in your room, I was in the laundry room…and you came and found me!!!! I was shocked! You don’t like crawling on the tile and wood floors, but you’re really good on the carpet. We’re gonna have to watch out now, a whole new world of opportunity awaits you!
  • You LOVE to practice walking, holding onto mommy or daddy’s hands. You get so excited and laugh as you’re walking, thinking you’re so big.
  • You pull up on things, and one of your favorite things is to play jungle gym on mom and dad. You would much rather stand than sit these days. I wonder how long it will be before you are walking on your own!
Little love, can you believe all this happened in just a few short weeks? You are growing up so fast and it’s a joy to share and experience all these new firsts with you! Dad and I are sooooo proud of you! Happy 9 months lovebug.

9 Month Stats:
Weight: 20 1/2 lbs, (46th %ile)
Height: 28 inches (36th %ile)
Head Circumference: (99th %ile)

9 months-2

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The Johnstons said...

The time goes by SO fast! I cannot belive Tristan is already 9 months old...I feel like I was just reading posts about you being in the hospital for all those weeks. Tristan is a handsome little guy! Jered and I used to look at him and think he looked just like you (Sharee), but now when I look at him I can't tell who he looks more like...a perfect combination of you both!