Jun 21, 2009

Father's Day


This Father’s Day Tristan and I had a blast getting messy with our very first home-made Father’s Day present for Justin.  Did I mention messy? I love the war paint look above his little eyebrows.  Of course we thought we were being sneaky doing it ahead of time and washing all the paint off of little bit, when at dinner Justin says to me, “Is that a pen mark on your face?”  Oops, completely forgot to check MY face.  Hopefully just the first of many fun creations for dad to come…here was our finished product, framed for our office. 

DSC_0051It’s been amazing to watch Justin become a dad.  He is the best.  He loves this little guy more than words can say and has blown me away with how good he is at taking care of Tristan.  And of course doing all the cool things only dads can do like making dump truck noises while feeding him, holding him upside down and making him laugh like no-one else can. I love you Blueyes, and I’m so thankful Tristan has such an involved, caring, Godly Dad to look up to!  

Happy First Father’s Day Sweetheart…we love you like crazy!

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