Jun 20, 2009

Eight Months Old

8 months oldSweet Little Lovebug,

How in the world did you get so cute and big this month? Oh my goodness, look at you cutie-boo. Each month has been more and more fun with you as you grow up into such a fun little guy. This month you have really grown so much and look more like a big boy more than ever. And it’s so fun to see your little personality and humor come out this month. Here are a few fun things you’ve done…

  • talking, while dad was away on his big trip to Maccu Picchu, you started saying “Da, da, da, da, da” all the time. How precious is that. I figured you were just cheering him on as he was climbing that big mountain. Not sure that you know what it means, but you say it when you’re happy and you smile really funny when we try to get you to say it.
  • funny high-pitched squealing is a new funny trick of yours too. You just discovered this a few days ago and you think it’s the funniest thing to scream or squeal really high and loud and see what people do. It’s really hard for mommy to keep a straight face with this one because it’s so surprisingly funny when you do it.
  • You’re almost mobile, and you sure do like to kick and squirm. Gone are the days of just holding you while you sit in our arms. No sir, you want to see everything that’s going on and touch everything too. You’ve started lunging forward from a sit to try to get things and even started scooting backwards. You’ve haven’t quite figured out how to put that movement into forward motion, but you’re super close I just know it. You like to use mom and dad as a jungle gym too, trying to climb over us to get something on the other side. It won’t be too much longer until you’re climbing and crawling over everything.
  • You snore sometimes. This is so cute. I joke that your poor future wife is going to have to put up with this loud snoring. She’ll love you for it anyway.
  • You started sleeping with a blankie. When we were at Grandma Gigi’s house this month, she suggested we try it, and you LOVE it! You love to snuggle and cozy up with it. It’s helped you sleep much better for your naptimes!
  • You have grown so much! Truly are a big boy now. People will stop me in Walmart asking me how old you are, and then say, wow, he’s a big baby. Which is so funny since you used to always be known as the little guy. Dad’s proud of you for beefing up some and for catching up with the rest of them. You weighed 18 1/2 pounds about a week or so ago, so no telling what it will be when we go to the dr. for your 9 month checkup. Way to grow dude!
  • You L-O-V-E food! You’ve become quite the little eater, and you eat so well. From puffs, to cheese, to cereal, to veggies and fruit, you pretty much love it all now. You sit so well in your little chair and eat politely (until you run out which you then let us know immediately you’d like more!) You’ve even started drinking juice out of a sippy cup, way to go bub!
  • Your hair came back – yeah! I love that dark head of hair you’ve got, mommy’s glad it came back to us again!
  • You love the water now. Swimming, splash park, bathtime, you love it all. You’re really good at splashing, kicking in the pool, and playing with your bathtoys. Mom’s thankful for this water baby.
  • And really funny, you have pooped in your bathtub at least four times now. Your daddy is dead set on breaking you of this, so you won’t be known as the pool pooper in Florida. I think you just get so relaxed in there, and who wants to wait until you have a diaper on again, right? Uhhggg, it’s made for some funny bath-times with mom and dad running around disinfecting toys and tubs and tots!

Well little love. You are such a blessing to us and a gift from God. We’re so thankful to be your parents and watch you grow into such a fun little guy. We pray that you will continue to grow into the little boy God wants you to be. I know we have lots of more fun months ahead. Love you bubba! More than we could ever say.


Mommy and Daddy


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Adams Plus One said...

Precious! I look forward to meeting him at the reunion next month!