May 30, 2009

Splash Park Fridays

This past Friday, our friend Meredith rounded up a bunch of mommies and babies for some fun in the sun at Celebration Park’s splash park.  We had so much fun mostly just hanging out on blankets in the grass and getting some much needed color on these white bodies ( I speak for me and Tristan only of course!)  We ate some lunch, chatted with friends, tried to play in the waaaay cold water, watched the tons of other kiddos and mommies play, and hung out some more.  Such a fun, relaxing way to spend a Friday…I’ve decided I might call for a Friday splash park day every week and just make it our little tradition every week.  So, if you want something fun to do, come on over, Friday at 11:00 and meet us for some more fun in the sun!

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