May 30, 2009

My very own swimming pool

smile with daddy

Poor Tristan was probably wondering what in the world was going on today, as we introduced him to his first kiddie pool!  Justin got a brand new turtle kiddie pool for the little guy a few weeks back, and today it was finally hot enough for us to brave it outside. 

After the screaming from the cold splashpark water yesterday, I decided to use hot sinkwater mixed with a little hose water to make the chances of Tristan liking this a little better. 

All in all, his first time out there was pretty good.  Funny to watch his reactions in pictures. 

1. excited to be outside with mom and dad, I’m THINKING about the whole pool thing.


2. why did  you guys try to put me in here by myself?!  Woah, scary! 1st reaction

3. Mommy’s holding me, I guess this is okay, as long as I keep checking to make sure she’s right there.

okay with mommysmile with mommy

4.  If mommy and daddy are in front of me, then who’s behind me? No one…ahhhh!  Not so sure about this!

all by myself

5. Daddy saved me!  Yeah!

smile daddy excited

It ended with us stripping him down and all out giving him his bath in the pool.  This picture just cracks me up.  I think a true picture of what Tristan thought about the whole “fun” swimming experience! Ahhhhhh! There’s your good laugh for the day right there!

ahhh freak out

Sweet boy, hopefully he’ll learn to love it soon enough, mommy needs to work on her tan this summer!

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Nalley Family said...

Your little boy is so cute!! I love his sweet blue eyes. Enjoy the summer fun at the pool!!