Apr 12, 2009

NCAA Madness

This year Justin just happened to get 2 tickets for the final four and championship NCAA basketball games. The very same year Michigan State makes it to the championship game, it couldn't get any better. So the whole fam headed up to Michigan to spend some good time with family and cheer on our Spartan team. Justin took his grandpa (who after working for Mich. State some 50 years and writing a 600 page book on Spartan sports, definitely appreciated the tickets more than I would) to Detroit for the two games. Out of respect I will only blog about the first game against UConn, man did our Spartans play great!
I love this picture, they were so excited they got there hours early,
looks like they were the first ones in the door!
A little Spartan love at home before the game began...GO GREEN, GO WHITE!
I think the cheering from Grandma's house that night was just as loud and exciting as it was at Ford Stadium...those Formans love them some Michigan State! Tristan did his part to cheer along with Grandma Jill (how did I not get a picture of Grandma cheering, I don't know) and loved that mom let him watch the TV during the game! Great Grandma and Grandpa Seibold were gracious enough to host us all weekend. This was Tristan's first chance to meet them and I love that he got to spend so much time with them! Thanks for a super fun Spartan weekend guys!

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