Apr 12, 2009

Michigan Family Time

While we were up for March Madness, we had some wonderful time hanging out with our very much missed Michigan family. It's been amazing how much Tristan has gotten to see them already, I'm so thankful for that! Aunt Courtney drove in for the day to hang out and I must say she has the magic touch with my son. She was just about the only person who could take Tristan from me without him crying! Aunt Abbie also came over from college to spend the weekend with us, and we even got to meet her boyfriend Derrick. He probably wonders if we do anything besides stare at Tristan all day. :) And Grandma Jill was with us all weekend too, loving on, helping with and playing with Tristan. I'm just sick that I didn't get one single picture of those two all weekend, so sorry Grandma Jill! She bought Tristan this super cute Detriot Tigers outfit, along with Justin's old Tiger's ballcap from when he was a kid. You think Tristan will remember he's from Texas with all this Michigan lovin?!? :)Another special treat, in addition to getting to meet Great Grandma and Grandpa Seibold, Tristan got to meet lots and lots of second and first "once removed" cousins while we there too. Justin's cousin Jeremy and his two precious boys, and his cousin Jason's little girl Sarah, who was born the day before Tristan. Amazing how a house can change with all these little ones around now. I know these guys are going to love playing with each other as they grow up! I love this picture too, Great Grandpa Seibold with all his Great Grandchildren. What a blessing! We love you all and are so thankful for the sweet time we got to spend with you! XOXOXO(Tristan, Sarah, Great Grandpa, Caleb, Joshua)

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