Mar 27, 2009

Hip Hop Dancer

I am very proud to post that my son has got a little bit of funky soul down inside him like his momma. His newest favorite thing to do is "dance." Justin will hold his arms while he's standing and sing a funky made up dance song and shake him all around. Tristan L-O-V-E-S this and just squeals and laughs. I love it. I have high hopes that he will not be that shy kid in his 8th grade dance standing against the wall! Groove on, buddy.


campers said...


Poefam said...

#1: I can't get over how much he looks like you!!!
#2: Of course he's going to be a dancer like his momma! I've never known anyone to love it more!
#3: SERIOUSLY have to love on him SOON!!!

T-Love said...

Hey now... I was that shy kid holding up the wall in 8th grade. And, I'd like to think I've turned out purty all right... even picked up a few dance moves along the way.

It's all good Tristan, do your thang... and, let me know if you need a few good moves b/c we all know daddy ain't teaching ya! ;~)

Les said...

That reminds me of you and Dili dancing together in NW China!
Love you,