Feb 6, 2009

Shiver Me Timbers!

Last Saturday I got to help throw one of the most fun showers for my sweet friend Lindsay. Her baby boy (and Tristan's future BFF) is due March 31st. Her and Kurt chose to decorate the baby's room in a pirate theme, and we had so much fun going pirate crazy! AAArrrggghh! Here are a few of the pirate touches from her shower...

Kristin home-made this fabulous pirate ship cakeThe favors were bubble gum silver and gold coins in a baggie. Attached was a phrase about the Hutson's "treasuring" your prayers and asked everyone to pray for him.
This was a sign with lots of cute balloons, but sadly they all popped on the grass but one, before the shower even began!
She got lots of great Pirate Baby Stuff...check out her loot!
We served mocktails Carribean style
Lins and all the hostesses...our life group girls
I am so stinkin' excited for Kurt and Lindsay and can't wait to meet their little pirate! I'm thrilled and ready to by mommies together! Love you Linz!


The Rowe Crew said...

Yep...y'all threw the cutest boy shower ever! Of course, you also threw me the best girl shower ever, so you're just good at this!!!

Jessica and Matt said...

Sooo much fun! You guys are such a creative group!!

KarenD said...

Omigosh, the pirate theme is AWESOME! Y'all really went all out! We love the onesie, "Arrr, change me booty!" Hilarious... where did you get it? (I also liked the bib you had a while back that said "world traveler" or something like that... seriously, where do you find this stuff?)

For Ian's first, we're doing "The Big 12 Months" with a college sports, tailgate sort of theme. In leui of gifts, we asking for donations to Ian's college fund. I am having so much fun planning for the party.

I know I don't comment often, but been checkin' in on the Forman fam from time to time. Tristan is one handsome dude!

Sheridan said...

You ALWAYS have the BEST baby shower ideas! I'm such a horrible party planner, I'd probably do a Strawberry Shortcake party for a boy!