Feb 5, 2009

Look What I Can Do

I was a little sad the other night because of this yucky cold I have, but grandad helped make me happier when he gave me my own set of keys! I held on to them for a long time and wouldn't let them go. Mom's been trying to give me things for a while now and I never saw the need to hold them, but this time it worked. Look out toys, here I come!


Sheridan said...

Can you just not SMILE at that sweet little angel? I mean, who wouldn't?

Jessica said...

Oh fun!!! Can he come give Hayden Kate a lesson!?!? Good job, Tristan :o).

Jessica and Matt said...

Sharee!!! He is THE most adorable little thing ever!! Seriously - he's just beautiful!! You can see the cold in his eyes in this pic, though... So sad.