Jan 21, 2009

Visit to Gigi & Pop's

Tristan and I had our very first car trip last week when we went to spend a few days in Abilene with Gigi and Pop. Tristan was the best little traveler, sleeping the whole way down there, and back, which was such a relief for mom! We had a great time hanging out with Gigi and Pop! Tristan got some good play and snuggles with them and even showed them his precious new smiles a bunch too. They laughed at his funny, opinionated little (and big sometimes) cries and took him to church to show off their grandson. We had a GREAT, relaxing time with you guys and can't wait to come back again! All smiles playing in Pop's lapGrandma Gigi is fun to play with too!And even better to snuggle with! She lets me sleep in her arms as much as I want to! Bye-Bye Gigi and Pop...thanks for a fun week!


Diana said...

i see both of you in HIm.. so amazing!

Brett, Julz, and Emma said...

Sharee, he is such a cutie!! I love seeing all the pics....keep them coming!! :o)

Poefam said...

HE IS HIS MOMMA!!!! ... And, check my blog...I tagged you!