Jan 21, 2009

Three Months Old!

My Sweet Little Love,

Yesterday you turned three months old! I can't put into words how much I love you. You are my sweetest sweet and I love spending my days with you. This month has been a big month for you, giving us your first smiles, starting to sleep 7-8 hours at night, hitting toys in your play-yard, kicking, celebrating your first Christmas, meeting your Aunt Abbie and Uncle Tyler for the first time, introducing our newest friend Parker into the world, going on your first road-trip, and cooing with my favorite "maaa-maaa" I'm sure you know you're saying it just to make me happy! Sadly you usually say it when you're crying, but I'll take what I can get. :) You give me the biggest smiles usually when I make the "ppllllttthhhhh" noise with my mouth, so silly!

This past month we also went in for our two month well-visit (a few weeks late thanks to the holidays) and got your first set of shots! You handled it very well in the office, turning brick red but not really screaming all too loud, my tough guy! But, you did need some extra cuddles with mom and dad the rest of the day to make it better! The Dr. did tell us we need to beef you up just a little. Here were your stats:

Weight: 9 1bs, 2 oz. (1st %ile...still have some eating and growing to do here!)
Length: 20 3/4 inches (50th %ile)
Head:15 1/2 (17th %ile)

Dad and I are so thankful for you little guy. You have changed our life in so many ways and we just love taking care of you, snuggling with you, watching you grow and play and being your parents. We love you...happy three months!

A couple of random shots from this past month...

Bathtime is fun for you now, some of the time. You like the warm water but hate getting in and out into the cold! You definitely let us know it when it's too cold or scary for you!
But you love to snuggle once you're nice and cleanSometimes, on nights like this, I think you know dad and I are rookies at this whole parenting thing! I promise we're doing our best! :)
Visiting Megan, Aaron and Parker in the hospital
Although I could cringe at this picture of myself, I love seeing how tiny you are all snuggled up snoozin' with mommy on the couch...I treasure moments like these!
My happy little one


Mandi said...

Sharee... Tristan is too precious! I can't believe how fast he is growing... I must plan a trip to Dallas soon so I can get some cuddle time in with the little man! Actually, Im having a Dallas baby shower March 21st so hopefully you will be able to make it and I can meet Tristan at that time... if not before!
Love ya bunches,

Stacey said...

What a little peanut you guys have...he is just too cute! I love all those great big smiles.

Isn't being a mommy just the greatest??

Sheridan said...

Don't you just hate those Taz band-aids? I mean, they need to at least give him somethin baby-friendly like Elmo. I had to wear the Taz band-aids when I got my shots this past thanksgiving, I pulled them off RIGHT after we got home!