Jan 2, 2009

Forman Family Photo Shoot

Sadly, it's rare that all of us Formans get together at one time. I think the last time all of us were together at once was a couple of years ago, so we had to take advantage of this time together at Christmas to try and snap a good family picture. It wasn't exactly an easy task with a screamin' hungry two month old, but here are some of the best...

The Forman Fam
The original Forman Fam
From left to right...
Abbie (Justin's youngest sister who's a Freshman at Indianna Wesleyan, playing college softball there), Justin, Tristan (notice the powty lip, so sad!), me, Krista and Tyler (Justin's brother and girlfriend who both live in Florida), Courtney (Justin's older younger sister who manages a freakin' cool ice cream shop/restaraunt up in Michigan), and Grandma and Grandad.
Grandad Greg and Grandma Jill
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Poefam said...

I ran into Justin's sisters and mom at the outlet mall and hoped to see you and Tristan close by...they said y'all were resting at home! :) ... I would love to hang out soon...what do your next few weeks look like!? Miss ya!

Sheridan said...

he's still soooooooo cute, even when crying!