Jan 7, 2009

Forman Family Christmas - TEXAS style

We had so much fun celebrating Christmas this year with all of Justin's family. Everyone came here to stay with us for a week and what a week it was. Crazy, but so fun nonetheless! Some numbers from our week will give you a glimpse of the crazy I'm talking about...

1 guest room
2 bathrooms
3 blow-up air mattresses
4 games of Settlers
5 home improvement projects (thank you Tyler!!)
6 home-cooked meals
7 days and nights
8 adults
9 people celebrating in our house
10 episodes of John and Kate Plus Eight
We ate lots of food, opened presents, hung around in our pj's, played with Tristan, a little Skeeball and Dance Dance Revolution at Main Event, played several rounds of Settlers, attempted a family picture twice and saw a couple of movies together. I just loved having everyone here together, especially since the times we can all make it to one place are few and far between it seems. We love you guys and thank you for coming to celebrate at our house this year! Can't wait to see you again soon! And I couldn't blog without showing pics from our fun week together...

You can kind of see Tristan's smile in his eyes on this one, so happy to see Grandma!
You think Grandma's happy to see him too?
Meeting Uncle Ty for the 1st time
Uncle Ty brought Tristan his very own tiny stocking for the mantle...sooo cute!
Meeting Aunt Abbie for the 1st time too
He had lots and lots of snuggle time with the family over the break
And we also celebrated Abbie's 19th birthday
Our First Attempt at Family Pictures...
The Forman Boys

Christmas Day, my very first turkey! I used a recipe from my Southern Living Cookbook. It looked fancy in the picture, and I was a little surprised that it actually turned out! This was my labor of love and luckily it turned out tasting pretty good too!
I had to take a pic to document my first bird!Tristan got so many goodies from Grandma and Grandpa. I'm not sure if a kid could have more Michigan State gear! I just wonder what he's thinking about it all.
Santa DID come to our house! (thank you Brittney for our cute suit!!!)
Such a great week together. Tristan misses you guys and can't wait to see you again!!!


Poefam said...

I LOVED all of the new pics! I'm dying to cuddle with him!!!

Diana said...

Great job on the Turkey! I love trying new glamorous foods! Happy New Year!