Dec 8, 2008

Thanksgiving and the Whitehead Winter Olympics

I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.
Psalm 69:30

Align CenterWe absolutely have so much to be THANKFUL for this year! God has been so good and loving and gracious to our family and our hearts are content and grateful for all He has done! He watched over and protected Tristan amidst all the scares and complications of pregnancy. And he's given us this tiny miracle to love and raise. Who could ask for more.

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at my brother's house with his family and my parents. After a yummy not so traditional meal of pork tenderloin and yummy sides, we kicked off our first annual "Whitehead Winter Olympics." With the help of Wes and Wilson, we planned and held a 4-event indoor Olympics for the whole family. We had a lot of fun playing and competing with each other and hopefully will be repeated again next year. Here are a few shots from our day...
Whitehead Winter Olympic Events:
1. Wii Tennis Tournament
2. Indoor Putt Putt
3. Bop It
4. Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping. The contest was to see who could wrap a box the fastest. The rules were it had to be completely covered and have a bow. We added a bonus of 5 points for whoever's package turned out the prettiest. Can you believe Justin's beautiful package above didn't win that beauty contest? But, my brother Shayne blew us all out of the park with his pretty package! Guess we know who's wrapping their Christmas presents from now on!
Wilson: Bronze Medalist Overall
Kim: Silver Medalist OverallJustin: Gold Medalist OverallThe Medal Stand: Whitehead Winter Olympic Champions
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John, Polly, Colin, and Sheridan said...

Mrs. Forman... Sheridan Montgomery again! I wanted to tell you that I had looked back at your blog when your brother's family had just found out about their 4th baby. (girl) I had forgot to tell you about the "W" names, but isn't Whitney beautiful for a girl???

I'm sooo thankful for your sweet sweet family, YOU, and even sweet Tristan!

Love, Sheridan