Dec 4, 2008

Forman Family Weekend

Right around Tristan's one month birthday, baby boy got the best finally meet his Grandma Jill and Aunt Courtney! After hanging out with Grandad for a week (he got to stay with us all week since he was here for work, what a treat!) Grandma Jill and Courtney flew in for the weekend. We had the best time snuggling, watching Michigan State football, eating out at a restaurant for our first time, taking lots of pictures and just hanging out. Here are some pics from our fun weekend together!

Little Guy and GrandadSnugglin' with Grandma Jill
Meeting Aunt Courtney and GrandmaTristan had no concern about a lack of attention while they were here. He loved snuggling with his Aunt Courtney!
Our first dinner out at a restaurant. We all went to Roadhouse and ate some yummy steaks and way too many rolls! It was the loudest place ever and of course our little guy slept like a rock through the whole thing. We know he won't be that easy forever so we were grateful!
And the best part is, the whole Forman family gets to come back in a few short weeks for Christmas! We cant' wait!

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Diana said...

he is so cute - i can't believe you are a mom and dad! that is so great!