Dec 4, 2008

For Aunt Abbie

Although we had tons of fun with the Formans while they were here, we were still sad not to have everyone in the fam come meet little guy. So, Tristan experienced his first skype conversation with his Aunt Abbie who is up in Indianna at college. He thought it was pretty cool I think and just had to tell her how much he loved the cute teddy bear she sent him! We loved it so much, we held our own little photo shoot just for Aunt Ab. Poor guy, he knew the sweatshirt wasn't for him, it was for the bear, but noone else seemed to care. Here's to you Abbie...we can't wait to meet you for real!

Skyping Aunt Abbie with Dad
Aunt Courtney and I playing dress up with Tristan and bear's sweatshirt
He's the same size as bear!
So fun to see just how tiny he is...Tristan is one month old in this picture. I think Aunt Abbie's bear will be our "object" from now on for our monthly pictures to see how much he's grown.
And Abbie, Tristan wanted me to be sure to tell you good luck with your finals next week! The faster you finish, the faster you can come see us...we can't wait!

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Mo Fabulous said...

Hi! You don't know me, and I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I just had to stop by and say hello. That Tristan is sooo adorable! You and your little family are so blessed.