Oct 2, 2008

Thankful for Visitors...

I've had so much fun this past week hanging out with lots of good friends who've come to help keep me sane. Thank you to everyone who's come to keep me company for a little bit. I love you guys and am thankful for each of you! Who says bed rest can't be fun?!?

Kimber and my 2 precious nieces came to hang after school.
Love these girls!

Jessica and Emmy came to visit again. Em and I had fun playing with little bear. She cracked me up making the bear "get me." This girl makes my heart so happy! I can't wait for Tristan and her and baby girl Rowe on the way to be friends!
Some friends from lifegroup have come to hang out over the past week too. Our used to be "kid-less" lifegroup is now the group with lots of baby boys. Caleb will be the ring leader of them all as our oldest boy. How cute is he?!
Mark, Kristin and Caleb
Sweet Megan and her baby boy Parker growing in her tummy. They come visit us sometimes after work.
Jeff, Jenny and their sweet baby Jack came to bring us some cookies and visit for a little bit on their way down to the A&M game. It makes me so happy to see beautiful baby Jack...can't wait for him to meet Tristan too!
Haylie B has come several times to keep me company. I love all our girly talks about anything and everything. This girl has known pretty much everything about me since I was born. Love such long time easy friendships! Tell Jared thanks for sharing you with me Haylie B! And my friend Summer back from freshman year at Baylor came with her sweet boy Blake to bring me lunch yesterday. It was so fun to catch up with you Sum and meet your little one!
Can't wait for all our boys to meet one day!
Some sweet friends from church came to see me yesterday too. Amber and her cutie pie Channing brought me lots of extra smiles. Channing is not shy at all, which I love and had fun playing with me and some toys they brought for baby Tristan and I.
Channing patting baby Tristan. She was amazed I think by the idea of a baby in my tummy. She'd peak under my shirt to see if she could see him! Too cute.
And my RMY Brittney and not-so-baby Quinn came for another visit yesterday too with some sweet gifts for Tristan. Quinn is the cutest little dude, here's a shot of him being "too cool" in mom's sunglasses and "dat" passie. Thanks so much guys for the visit and fun gifts for my little man.

So as you can see I'm truly enjoying these weeks "off" to rest, relax and have some good hang out time with these friends I love. Thanks guys for keeping this smile on my face, I'm blessed to have each of you in my life!

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Brett, Julz, and Emma said...

Hey sweet friend! I sure wish I could be among your many visitors!!! Know that I think about you guys every day & love you lots and lots!!