Sep 9, 2008

Ready for College?!?

Well, at least CHEERING for our favorite college teams! Tristan has gotten the cutest little outfits to support his favorite teams recently! His dad is especially excited about these new additions to Tristan's closet!Aunt Courtney sent these adorable Michigan State onesies a couple of weeks ago. We love them! Justin wanted to bring Tristan home from the hospital in them, but I had to crush his dreams when I showed him the size tag = 9 months! But it will give him something to look forward to for sure. Then, Justin's mom sent this sweet Michigan State sweater that was hers when she was a baby! So special! I can't wait to put him in it when they come during Christmas. Then, just today, the sweetest woman at work surprised me with these two precious Baylor t-shirts. She'd heard me say I hoped to go down to Waco before November to get him some. Well, since she and her family went to Waco this past weekend to watch Baylor's football victory (Sic' em Bears), she bought him these two shirts. I can't wait until he's old enough to wear them! I can just see Tristan and Justin next fall cheering on their two favorite teams in their matching shirts! Priceless. I may become a football fan after all.


Kristina said...

I can't wait to meet him! he is going to be style'n in these clothes. Maybe he and Ryder can go to Baylor together... they can be college prep buddies =) anyway. You look good. and hang in there the last weeks are the hardest and most important for Tristan but enjoy the sleep now b/c soon, you will be day dreaming about night sleeping.

Poefam said...

So sweet!!! ... And, the black and white pics cracked me up. Your conclusion is true, but you look precious in both! :)