Sep 9, 2008

Maternity Clothes Should Only Come in Black

Example: Week 29 in white/Week 30 in black
I'm convinced of this fact now after looking at these pictures of myself at weeks 29 and 30. It's amazing how much bigger you look in white. Sickening really. If you're reading this and you're pregnant: just remember the cardinal rule: black is your best friend. You may be seeing it a lot more on here in these last weeks left.

So 30 weeks, can you believe it?! I'm so excited to be in this last stretch...just 10 more weeks at the most? Yiipppeeee....Justin and I can't wait to meet this little guy. Not to mention how my belly is changing...can you say b-i-g?! That's definitely how I feel starting today. For some reason today marked the "he could come anytime now and I'd be great with that" feeling. Which is scary seeing as how I have over two months to go...could be a long two months.

Yesterday at my Dr. appointment after she measured my tummy she politely said, "He's on the larger side of normal." hahaha. Ohhh, me oh my. Does this mean I'm going to have a big ole' baby? Or maybe that he might show up a little early? We definitely wouldn't mind that option one bit! But, overall I'm feeling good, still able to sleep, and blessed to have a healthy baby growing strong! Now I just pray God gives me an extra dose of patience to wait to meet this precious little one. :) We love you little Dude!


Stacey said...

Waiting is the hardest part! Bennett was almost two weeks late and even then only showed up after some medical "encouragement". I hope this bean isn't quite so patient!

For what it's worth I think you look beyond precious in black AND white. Hope you continue to feel well!

Breenette said...

Waiting is hard...but you want that little man to stay in there for sure! I remember when I was pg with Addison by the last 5 weeks I was literally crying at each appt and BEGGING my doctor to deliver her early! I even offered a cash bonus if she would just pretend I was in labor and deliver her! Fortunately, she had much better sense than I did at the time and made me wait lol.

Hang in there! You look AMAZING!

Lauren Ralston said...

Have you also noticed that all maternity clothes that have stripes are ALL horizontal....yes we definitely want to emphasize the roundness of our bellies!

Jonna said...

You look adorable...don't think anything otherwise!

I went to the doc yesterday and I'm already measuring big. I measured at 25 when I should be at about 23. He did say it was too early to tell if Parker is going to be hopefully not! :D My sis always measured a little larger too. We'll see!

Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

I am so with ya ... I was SO impatient to meet our little man too! Which is kinda why we induced at 39 weeks! :) And Blake was a fairly large guy himself at 8lbs, 5oz at 39 weeks ... but it was no problem! You will be great! Can't wait to meet that munchkin!

Diana said...

um, you look cute in anythign!

Hillary Kouba said...

Hey Sharee,
katelyn was always measuring two weeks ahead but because she never dropped nor did I dialate and she was measuring almost 10 lbs on the sonogram they took her a week early via c-section. Big babies are great...They can eat more therefore sleep longer in between feedings! Good luck these last few months!

andim said...

Hi-agree with you totally. Peacocks have some great maternity trousers, great value and very good quality - no white either.