Aug 27, 2008

27 Weeks - Back to School and Lots O' Testing

Week 27 marked the beginning of the new school year for "Mrs. Forman." I went back for a full week of in-service this week which was a major adjustment from the Summertime Sharee mode I had been in. But, I can't be more thankful for my job situation this year! God has really taken care of me and baby. I'll be working the same job I had last year teaching AIM at Chandler, but I'm working part-time 2 1/2 days a week. And, even better, I have an amazing new teaching partner I get to work with who has been such a blessing already! Here we are right before Meet the Teacher last Thursday night. I know I look a little excited right? Must be the joy of working part-time! :)
I also had some not-so-fun things happen this week. I went in to my doctor to take my glucose tolerance test/screening and sadly it came back high! Which meant I had to take a 3 hour stronger glucose tolerance test yesterday which was no fun at all!! I also found out I have a low blood count so the doc is making me take extra iron pills every day to help build it up! Not so fun on the medical side, but the fun news is that Tristan and I got to have an extra sonogram this week!! He is the cutest thing ever!! He's so much bigger than last time (weighing an already estimated 2 pounds, 13 ounces). In one of the pictures it looks just like he's smiling! What a gift to get to see him again. (I'll post the sonogram pics later, I accidentally left them at school..oops).

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