Aug 27, 2008

26 Weeks & Fun With Friends

Tristan and I took advantage of our last few weeks of summer by hanging out with lots of friends!! We started by hanging out with Lair and Jessica for a fun girls lunch. Jessica was such a good friend and went with me to Target to help me register for Baby T! What a process! Overwhelming but she offered lots of great mommy-tested tips and advice, which made it so much easier. Thank you Jess!!!

After our girly lunch and day O' registering, Justin and I headed to Houston for my friend Megan's wedding. It was such a relaxing weekend, getting to stay and hang out with my best friend Shelby! (we were so layed back and relaxed we took no pictures). Then, Justin and I went to Meg's wedding at 11:30 at night!! Crazy, huh? It was a "moonlight service" and absolutely beautiful. Justin and I are old though and only hung in there until about 1:00am before heading back home.Oh, Megan is the little sister of my best friend Haylie from childhood! Another fun chance to get to see her and hang out for a little bit.
Then, our friends Kurt and Lindsay SURPRISED us with some GREAT NEWS that they are also going to be parents!!!!! We thought they were asking us over to show us their new house, which is beautiful by the way, and as we were looking in one of the rooms upstairs they told us that it was going to be the BABY'S ROOM!! I'm so so so excited that we get to go through this pregnancy process together and our little ones will be so close in age! I'm beyond happy for them.
They shared the fun news with our whole lifegroup as we celebrated their birthdays and upcoming baby's birthday at the end of March! What once was our kid-less life group just a few months ago now has three little boys and another three babies on the way!
And just before school started again, I got to hang out with some good ole' Baylor girlfriends for some Elke's lunch and hanging out with the babies. Our good friend Amy just moved close and started working in Allen also, so we all got together while we had the chance. (we missed you in our picture Amy...she had to rush back to in-service!)

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