Jan 29, 2008


It just seems like January has gone by so fast and been a complete blur! Lots going on...here's some highlights from the past month...

  • Christmas is finally over at the Forman house!! That's right, I officially took down all our Christmas decorations, including the tree, this past Sunday!! I was considering just leaving it up, adding some hearts, and making it my Valentines tree.
  • J&I spent a wonderful weekend in Saledo for our last annual Legacy Family Ministries Marriage Retreat. The couple who did our pre-marital counseling host a weekend getaway once a year for couples who've been married under 5 years...this year was our last year to be invited!! It was a wonderful, relaxing time for "us."
  • W-O-R-K: Work's been crazy this month!! Between CoGAT testing (it's a test we give to all Kinder, 2nd graders to see who qualifies for our GT program) training teachers, going to conferences, DI practices, UIL competition, report cards, whew...it's been non-stop. Here's a pic of my UIL storytelling team...one of them won first place!
  • Found out 2 more of my good friends are pregnant! One of my best friends from high school, Ami Tank, is due in August, along with my good friend Jenny from church. :)
  • Got fitted for a bridesmaid dress for Courtney's wedding! Beautiful dress. :)
  • Baylor beat A&M in basketball...Sic em' Bears!!
  • J&I are seriously looking into getting a new tv. Who knew there were so many choices out there?! I think we're leaning toward DLP? If you have any suggestions, let us know before we pull the trigger. The sad part is, whatever we'll need to buy to put the tv on will most likely cost even more than the crazy tv!
  • Made some new year's goals (not resolutions). Some I've kept, some I haven't. If I blog less, you'll know why. :)
  • Just had dinner tonight with 2 old friends from high school and my friend Jess. There's just something about good girl time...lots of talking over tummy Mexican food! Mmmm. Makes me want to do it more often.
  • Totally, absolutely are looking forward to the highlight of January coming this Thursday....the season premier of LOST. Be ready for a post-lost post on Friday. J&I are going to a LOST watching party, which characters do you think we could most pull off dressing/looking like? Any other LOST fans out there....I can't wait!!! But I'll save my words about it for another post.
  • So there goes January. One more month closer to sunny days, I'm not sad at all. :)

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KarenD said...

We have TV shopped off and on. We're thinking it'll be a Christmas 08 purchase for us. At first, we liked DLP, but lately we've been leaning toward the LCDs. So crisp!

We are attending a LOST party, too! Wahoo... so glad it's back, and FINALLY some good TV to watch!