Jan 30, 2008

How could I forget??

As I was posting last night about my blur of a month of January, I almost forgot my most memorable moment!! My moment of glory, re-living the good ole' Baylor days of SING. For those of you who aren't Baylor-ites, SING is a huge song and dance, broadway production type competition between all the sororities and fraternities at Baylor. We'd spend a few months practicing coreographed dances, making backdrops, speculating about what other groups were doing, etc to get ready for the big show. It was one of the things I enjoyed most about Baylor. I LOVED it! I loved the practices, the performances, everything about it.

Well, last week I got to re-live a glimpse of that fun with the "Chandler Cheetah's Got Talent" night at school. No, I didn't put on my old sing costume and make a run for the stage. But, I did put on my school t-shirt, a big ole bow, and get out there with all the other teachers, principals, office staff, everyone...and perform a short (I think less than one minute) dance to a High School Musical song. It was so fun. Crazy being that we "learned" the dance on Monday and the show was Thursday! That actually made it pretty hysterical. The kids were laughing so hard! We actually have quite the dancing staff, lots of old cheerleaders and drill team members you can tell. The kids said, "yall were so into it!" funny. So anyway, here are some pics that parents and students snapped of and for us. I guess I thought the whole thing was pretty hysterical, b/c I seem to be laughing in most of these!!


Poefam said...

I want to see this on video please! No...actually...I want to see the video of you in high school when you kick and go up and everyone else is down! Oh MY GOSH...I'm laughing right now just thinking about it! :)

Poefam said...
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Poefam said...

ok, i'm an idot and typed that again b/c I thought it didn't take it...then remembered you had 'blog approval'...HAHAHAHAHA!

Lindsey said...

Oh Sharee! That makes me miss you all so much! I hope everything is going well! Tell everyone I said Hi!

Northcutt Family said...

I didn't realize you were at Chandler - I used to work with Kerr with Cindy Blair and Alison Hilburn was one of my teammates :)

Love all the bows!! I would have been all over this dance!